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The program of capabilities systems or masterclasses is in my opinion some of the most valuable content I’ve encountered. I’ve put many teams through the programs and also used modules selectively to up-skill teams in certain areas. It’s a fresh, engaging format that delivers practical learning and development in skills and capabilities that otherwise may take a whole career to develop. Highly recommended for any leader looking to upweight the strategic capabilities of a team, and I’ve never had cause to question the inevitable return an organisation will make from the investment.
Chief Customer Officer - MERCER

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Our Programs

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.

The Leader's Mindset Masterclass

The Leader's Mindset Masterclass offers an effective toolbox for navigating leadership in both your personal and professional life. Rather than merely learning about leadership approaches and techniques, the masterclass guides you through confronting certain leadership tendencies and behaviours that might slow down progress, which prompts you to reflect on your role in the success and performance of your business and team.

Capabilities Masterclass Suite

Supporting the Leader’s Mindset Masterclass is the Capabilities Masterclass suite — the Strategic Problem Solving, Smart Decision System, Communications, and Engagement Masterclasses. Each masterclass contains frameworks and strategies to equip you and your teams for success.

Lockstep Masterclass

Focusing on five key business areas, Lockstep Baseline is a clear, simple and insightful diagnostic tool that helps you understand where you are so you can get crystal clear on what needs to align for you and your business to win within three minutes.
It is best used alongside the Lockstep Masterclass that dives deep into the thinking behind Lockstep Baseline and demystifies the strategic process so you can create a roadmap tailored for you.
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Leadership Reboot

1 email, 1 principle, 1 challenge every day for 20 days — that's all it takes to reboot your leadership.
Disruption has risen the bar and not everyone can be a leader unless they put in the work. In the next 20 days, you'll get a lifetime’s worth of leadership insights. That's 20 days filled with opportunities to stay present, tune into your potential, and become the leader you've always wanted to be.

One to Won

The OneToWon seminar is designed to shift minds and enable you to achieve your fullest potential. It cultivates the necessary shift in mindset that will help you identify the one thing you need to level up. It’s also a conceptual introduction to the Leader’s Mindset Masterclass Digital Immersion for those who want to develop their leadership and communication — giving everyone plenty of opportunities to get breakthrough takeaways.

About The Institute of Change

In our ever-changing world, we need to rethink leadership.

This urgency for a new mindset, combined with a new set of competencies and capabilities is the key to developing and equipping leaders for the future.

Change starts from the inside out.

At the Institute of Change (IOC), we start with the leader — helping them put on their own oxygen mask first, and equipping them with the capabilities to lead with new energy and power from within. Here, they can crystallise what peak performance looks like and utilise it to drive meaningful change. That change manifests on the outside, as leaders share their power and engage with their teams and organisations to come together on this exciting journey.

The old ways of working are struggling, as are the old ways of learning. With artificial intelligence gaining momentum, we need a new approach to human intelligence and to develop those special human attributes that create unique value.

Welcome to the Institute of Change.
Turning leadership inside out.
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Why Choose The Institute of Change?

At the Institute of Change, you get access to best practice thinking and proven frameworks that will enable you to lead change and inspire others to do the same. 

With proven technologies and state-of-the-art educational thinking, the Institute of Change is the place to develop your leadership. Theories supported by case studies will allow you to develop your own leadership style. Topics covered include: 


Decision Making

Problem Solving

Strategy & Execution



Ashton Bishop - Step Change's CEO

Meet Your Coach:
Ashton Bishop

With over 20 years of marketing and strategy expertise, Ashton Bishop has run million-dollar campaigns, and has helped create billions worth of new value for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he has created and delivered several world-class leadership programs. Foremost of these is the Powerful Presence program, which has consistently been recognised by graduates as the best program they have ever completed. 

Ashton is the catalyst of our Capabilities Masterclass Suite. The core module being the Leader's Mindset Masterclass which underpins the Strategic Problem Solving, Smart Decision System, Communications, and Engagement Masterclasses. Using a world-class learning management system, these programs are available via the Institute of Change online learning platform.

Thanks to his mentorship, graduates from Ashton’s programs have emerged as the true leaders of change. 
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Exclusive Digital Learning Experience

Practical application of theory
Frameworks | Case Studies
Presentations | Videos
Assessments | Quizzes

Learning Outcomes

The IOC Capabilities Masterclass Suite will guide you in:

Developing a personal definition of leadership

Utilising powerful tools to master your mindset

Utilising the principles of strategic problem solving

Developing your own decision-making style

Developing a framework through which you can deliver coaching

Utilising a communication framework to address any situation 

Utilising tools to master engagement

Developing future leaders

Each Module Includes

  • On-demand videos
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Unlimited access for 3 months
  • Saved notes
  • Access on any device
  • Certificate of Completion
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