Lesson series

Engagement Masterclass

Attract and sustain the attention of any audience and gathering from pitching, to presenting, and facilitating. 

This module unlocks a leader’s ability to engage and connect. It covers the different ways to engage with individuals and audiences — from one-to-one meetings, up to major keynote presentations. 
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Course Overview

 Learning Format: Self-paced

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 The program is designed for:

Individuals looking to upgrade their business skills

Individuals looking to advance and get ahead in their career

Business Owners, Executives, and Managers

Sales Teams

Team Leaders

The Engagement Masterclass is a synthesis of the best ‘hacks’ from world-class facilitators and presenters.

From preparation, mindset, and delivery, learn practical tactics and strategies designed to bring the best out of every presentation, no matter what the format. These techniques, when applied into your day-to-day business, will allow you to create impact and hold the attention of the room. This module is a deep dive into the following concepts:

 The Engagement Challenge
 Employing Matter: Manner: Method.

Practical application of theory
Frameworks | Case Studies
Presentations | Videos 
Assignments | Quizzes 

Learning Outcomes

Adopt a proven framework to improve communications

Utilise the tools to practice and improve your engagement skills

Deliver customer value through improved communication

The Program Will Benefit You By

  • Improving your public speaking and presenting
  • Increasing your confidence in engaging groups
  • Ensuring your communications are memorable

Some Of Our Clients Who Have Benefitted

Step-Change are the smartest
marketing agency I know. CEO Ashton
Bishop is a great thinker and great
presenter and has an abundance /
sharing mindset. Highly recommended

Anthony Moss

Step Change have been a major part of our
mid-year Scholarship programme aimed at
senior marketers from both client and
agency side. They presented a 90 minute
purpose- built workshop on Sustaining
Change and it was bang on! 90 minutes too
short! Couldn't recommend Ashton and his
team more.

Emma Beaumont

Very impressed with the team at Step
Change. I have worked with several
marketing companies over the years and
they all promise the world but rarely deliver.
The only thing you end up with is a new logo
and brand bible. The guys at Step Change
were different. We left the intensive sessions
with a focused and aligned company purpose
with a detailed 1000-day marketing plan that
we can actually work through. Thanks team,
really appreciate the work so far.

Chantal Haskett