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Ashton Bishop


With over 20 years of marketing and strategy expertise, Ashton Bishop has run million-dollar campaigns, and has helped create billions worth of new value for some of the world’s biggest brands.

A business owner and serial entrepreneur, Ashton embraces the challenging, and even controversial to get results. Training alongside various mentors and experts in Erhard Seminars Training (EST), Reference Point Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Gottman Psychology, Ashton has dedicated hundreds of hours of research into Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Leadership, and Applied Psychology.

The Step Change CEO also completed The Mind Institute’s Diploma of Modern Psychology (Practitioner Level) under Alistair Horscroft, and is a graduate of the Institute for Self- Actualisation’s Graduate Intensive Program and Landmark’s Curriculum for Living.

When it comes to coaches, Ashton is one of the rare kind. He is the driving force for more than 100 5-star Google reviews for Step Change.

After graduating with a commerce/law degree, he turned his hand to street-performing, TV-presenting, stand-up comedy, and film-directing — and even literally ran away with the circus. Now that he has found his niche, these skills/experiences are crucial in developing relevant, topical, and engaging presentations/programs.

Applying his theories and utilising the tools with some of Australia’s largest brands, he believes that in order to constantly provide value, one has to be part of the change itself.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he has created and delivered several world-class leadership programs. Foremost of these is the Powerful Presence program, which has consistently been recognised by graduates as the best program they have ever completed.

Ashton is the catalyst of our Capabilities Masterclass Suite. The core module being the Leader's Mindset Masterclass which underpins the Strategic Problem Solving, Smart Decision System, Communications, and Engagement Masterclasses. Using a world-class learning management system, these programs are available via the Institute of Change online learning platform.

Having facilitated over 800 sessions with CEOs and business leaders across categories over the last decade, Ashton has won the coveted Speaker of the Year award, three times, from the world’s #1 CEO network in Australia.

Thanks to his mentorship, graduates from Ashton’s programs have emerged as the true leaders of change. This is your opportunity to do the same and more.

Ashton welcomes you to the Institute of Change - Turning Leadership Inside Out. 
 Clients Ashton Has Been Working With

Ashton has an incredibly large array of practical tools and techniques that he has tailored to address the main challenges we face as both leaders and individuals including everything from steps to achieving happiness to successfully forming habits.
Lisa Vitaris
I was introduced to Ashton Bishop when he delivered an excellent session to The Marketing Academy 2020 cohort on ‘Sustaining Change.’ Shortly afterwards, I was fortunate to have a mentoring session with Ashton. He asked me some very tough questions, respectfully challenged me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and made me hold a mirror up to myself - it was confronting, but incredibly insightful and quite transformational for me. By the end of my 90 minute session, Ashton had helped me get clear on my purpose and my personal beliefs – something I had been struggling with for some time. I highly recommend a session with Ashton for anyone who needs help finding their “why” or understanding their limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs. You will walk away with a number of insights about yourself and various tools that will enable you to live a more fulfilled life.
Pamela Bishop
Do you love what you do? But you’re a little muddy on the why? Spend one hour with Ashton Bishop and suddenly *BOOM* a lifetime of deeply held motivations and beliefs will be articulated in a way that is laser sharp. A session so magical you’ll be dizzy in disbelief. How did he crawl inside my brain and understand me better than I understand myself? I highly recommend.
Viv Gibson-Thomas
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