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Institute of Change is an online learning platform for leaders. 

At the Institute of Change, you get access to best practice thinking and proven frameworks that will empower you to master the field, lead the change and inspire others to do the same through a series of exclusive masterclasses

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Why The Institute of Change?

Begin your career breakthrough by building habits paired with practical training. Find your own style and stay on top of the curve across: 
  • Leadership

  • Strategy and Execution
  • Decision Making

  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving

  • Powerful Engagement

This Module Includes

  • On-demand video
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  • Full lifetime access
  • Saved notes
  • Access on any devices 
  • Certificate of completion

Our Modules

Meet Your Instructor:
Ashton Bishop

When it comes to consultants, Ashton is of the rare variety– in that he’s actually out in the field applying his theories and using the tools with some of Australia’s largest brands every day. Ashton has won the coveted Speaker of the Year Award from the world’s #1 CEO network three times. He has received film awards, guest-lectured at leading universities, won creative and strategic recognition from his peers, and was instrumental in developing Australia’s first mobile app.

Ashton Bishop - Step Change's CEO

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