Smart Decision System Masterclass

Provide a fundamental application of what constitutes great decisions in all contexts.

This module introduces a fresh look at decision making. It explores decision risk, and addresses the biases that push up against us as humans. This allows you to better understand these biases and spot  where they can help, or hinder you, as you make, and align your team on key decisions.
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Course Overview

 Learning Format: Self-paced

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 The program is designed for:

Individuals looking to upgrade their business skills

Individuals looking to advance and get ahead in their career

Individuals who make business and/or customer decisions

Individuals looking to accept more accountability in their career

Leaders looking to improve team decision-making

The Smart Decision System Masterclass provides a concise and applicable framework that gives you the practical skills, knowledge, and coaching capacity to guide clients, teams, and peers toward making better decisions.

Applicable to all decision-making in every context, this framework sparks awareness of the inherent risks associated with choices and decisions, the biases and assumptions that obstruct effective decision-making, and the correct use of coaching tools to streamline conversations with current and prospective clients, teams, and businesses. This module is a deep dive into the following concepts:

 Why Decisions?
 The Smart Decision System Framework

Practical application of theory
Frameworks | Case Studies
Presentations | Videos
Assignments | Quizzes 

Learning Outcomes

Identify your decision-making style and key areas for improvement.

Identify your individual team member’s decision-making style.

Develop a framework through which you can coach individuals to better decision-making.

Isolate decision risks from outcomes.

The Program Will Benefit You By

  • Improving team decision-making
  • Making smarter decisions faster
  • Minimising biases and risks from your decisions
  • Mastering your decision-making capability

Some Of Our Clients Who Have Benefitted

The Step change process is fantastic.
They take you on a journey and the
result for the business is brilliant. 5
Stars very worthwhile for any business.

Michael Robson

Step Change quickly get down to actualities, and then provide tools for the team to use for best of class interaction with clients

John Woolston

Ashton and the Step Change are
world class! Don't hesitate.... Engage
these guys n gals and transform your
business or company. You can thank
me later ;-)

Troy Parsons