LOCKSTEP Masterclass

Module 1: Painting The Big Picture

What does winning look like for you? And why should people choose to be on your team?

In this course, master the power of

  • Purpose
  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Ambition
  • Measures That Matter
  • Understanding where you’ll win

These are the bold strokes that will set a strong foundation for your organisation and serve you as you lead through change.
Ready to paint the big picture?

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Lockstep Baseline
Free Tool | Instant Diagnosis
Practical Application of Theory
Frameworks | Case Studies 
Comprehensive Course Material
Presentations | Videos 
A Series of Learning Elements
Collaborative Toolkit For Teams | Worksheets

Course Overview

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  • Learning Format: Self-paced
    ~2.5 hours
  • This program is designed for:

Organisations looking to build the right foundation

Organisations looking to crystallise and articulate their value

Organisations looking to attract and engage the right people

Business Owners, Executives, and Strategists

Strategists looking to upskill 

Leaders looking to engage teams 

What does your organisation value? Why do you do what you do and what role do you play in the lives of those you serve and work with?

Sure, it’s tempting to copy and paste from peers and competitors — but great leaders and successful organisations know that the biggest mistakes in business, military and political history are thanks to the application of previously proven practices to a changed context.

Designed to help you build the context that’s true to you, Module 1 Painting The Big Picture is your opportunity to build the core foundations of your organisation that will serve as your compass in leading through change.

In focusing on purpose, empowering beliefs, ambition, metrics, and must-wins areas, you unlock what winning looks like and why people choose to be on your team.
Ready to crystallise and articulate the value you offer and win where it matters most? 
Ashton Bishop - Step Change's CEO

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Meet Your Coach 
Ashton Bishop

With over 20 years of marketing and strategy expertise — Ashton Bishop has helped create billions’ worth of new value for some of Australia’s and the world’s most successful brands.

A true master of strategy and creativity — Ashton lends his strategic expertise to pinpoint how brands can outsmart their competitors through Step Change.

As an award-winning speaker and coach, he takes insights from the playing field and transforms them into accessible and scalable tools for growth through the online learning platform, Institute of Change.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he has created and delivered several world-class leadership programs. Foremost of these is the Powerful Presence program, which has consistently been recognised by graduates as the best program they have ever completed.

After exploring leadership through the Leader’s Mindset Masterclass, Ashton’s latest course — the Lockstep Masterclass — dives deep into the key concepts that unlock clarity and alignment to make strategy work.

Thanks to his mentorship, graduates from Ashton’s programs have emerged as the true leaders of change.

Need a step change but aren’t sure where to start?

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Focusing on five key areas, the Lockstep Masterclass gives you the foundational knowledge needed to demystify the strategic process and gets you and your organisation back into the game.

Paired with the free Lockstep Baseline tool, you and your teams are equipped with a real-time view of your strengths and blindspots, plus actionable insight into how you can master and overcome them along the way.

Lockstep Roadmap

Module 1:

Understand what winning looks like and the reason people would choose to be on your team.

Module 2:

Distil how you will win in a competitive marketplace with scarce resources.

Module 3:

Give your customers the emotional and rational reasons to buy on value beyond price.

Module 4:

Create a flywheel that generates highly qualified leads to grow your organisation.

Module 5:

Maintain focus over time by setting your team up to win the long game.

The Program Will Benefit You By

Reinforcing your knowledge of foundational strategic principles
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Equipping you on how to build a sound strategy that drives results and works for you
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Giving you the confidence to navigate change and disruption

Start Moving in Lockstep Today

Module 1: Painting the Big Picture!