The ONE powerful idea to level up in life.
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OneToWon is ONE big idea in a power-packed session designed to move minds and enable people to level up in life. By examining what’s not working across leadership, team interactions and the broader society, we lift the curtain on ‘impostor syndrome’ and people’s fear of public speaking.

The session cultivates the much-needed step change in mindset that will help you draw out the one thing you need to level up. It’s also a conceptual introduction to the Leader’s Mindset Masterclass Digital Immersion for those who want to develop their leadership and communication — giving everyone opportunities to get a breakthrough takeaway.

Program Outcomes

Understand the ‘R U OK?’ backstory and the power of a transformational idea.
Examine the root cause of CEO Impostor Syndrome.
Overcome performance barriers, including self-sabotage, and how to teach others to do the same.
Step into a fresh mindset that enables you to distil and share wisdom no matter what the situation.
Break free of the distraction caused by worrying about ‘what others think’ once and for all.

Watch the FULL talk here:

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30-min keynote to 3-hour group deep-dive
Face to face, ZOOM, MSTeams
The benefits of the session include:
Attending to your needs as a whole leader
Equipping you to inspire and influence your teams
Navigating change initiatives with the right mindset
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The session is designed for those who are focused on their leadership journey:
Team Leaders
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Clients who have gained value from the session include:

Ready to level up?

Cultivate the much-needed step change in your team's mindset with OneToWon today.
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